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“Let 100 Years of Combined Insurance Experience work for YOU!”

You Should Choose a Fulshear Independent Insurance Agent

You should ONLY buy your Fulshear Insurance from an Independent Insurance agent…

Here’s why…

It’s vital that YOUR interests come first – not the insurance companies…

Is your insurance agent in Fulshear Tx independent?

If they work for only one insurance carrier – their interests lie firmly with that company, not 100% with you…

Fair warning: You could be paying too much – or even worse, not have the coverage you need…

Fulshear Insurance

You Can Trust the Insurance specialists of Texas Insurance Agency Fulshear

Hi – we are Jeff and Roland – the owners of Texas Insurance Agency and we are independent Fulshear insurance agents.

Our team has 100 years of combined experience in the insurance industry.

Our duty first and foremost is to our clients – we promise to provide the best service, with the best coverage at the best possible prices…every time…

We will match you with the very best Fulshear, Richmond and Rosenberg insurance policies, at the best rates, because – that’s how we built our business and that’s the way we plan to keep building our business…

When you experience a loss, you can trust the Independent Fulshear Insurance Agents of Texas Insurance Agency to have your back during any dispute or claim.

We will work diligently to ensure you get fair, prompt payment and always experience excellent service. We are meticulous in selecting the most reputable, financially strong insurance companies that we represent which will make sure we are offering you coverage from the best of the best providers.

Meet the Owners

Roland Cardner

Roland Cardner


Roland has been in the Insurance business since 1997.

Jeff Fogleman

Jeff Fogleman


Jeff has been in the insurance business since 1995.

Our agents are hand picked and are the best in business when it comes to customer service and support; they will handle your requests professionally and quickly. No matter what your insurance needs, we invite you to experience an exceptional level of customer service, including a 24/7 claims service.

And if we don’t?

Call us on 281-533-9399 and ask for Jeff or Roland – we will handle it personally and WE WILL get you answers…

Over the past decade, we have developed close partnerships with dozens of insurance companies, both local and international – allowing you to get the right price and options for your Katy Insurance needs.

Insurance rates for Fulshear residents vary widely company-to-company, as do coverage’s, exemptions and exclusions, group rates to term…

We will not only get you your perfect policy – we will get the exact coverage you need at the very best prices…

We can save you hundreds of dollars annually on your auto insurance policy. The insurance carriers we deal with are some of the best for exact coverage needs as well as being competitively priced.

No matter your history, preference, or budget, we make it our priority to find the best insurance policy and options for your specific situation.

Our goal is to build long-lasting relationships with our customers, based on trust, quality, superior customer support and friendliness.

As an independent insurance agent we can offer the right coverage with the personal touch you would expect from any neighborhood Fulshear insurance agent.

We understand how overwhelming insurance lingo and decisions can be. We’re here to cut through the clutter and to support you. Our goal is to help you discover the right insurance you need, and more importantly, the Fulshear insurance policy you want that protects you and your family as well as the right coverage for your budget.

You and I should chat…

We want to get to know you as a person and as a professional before we talk about insurance. This approach helps us make sure you get exactly what you need. If we wouldn’t recommend it to our mom or our friends, we won’t recommend it to you.

We understand that you want to be educated about the best insurance policies and coverage’s so we prefer a direct approach of talking and discovery so we can find the right Fulshear insurance solution for you.

As an Independent Insurance Agency based in Fulshear Texas, TIA is a one-stop shop for all of personal and/or business insurance needs. We work for YOU – not an insurance company so our primary concern is getting you the best deal from the most competitive provider with the perfect coverage for your needs.

We also offer comprehensive insurance packages, making us your single source for all your insurance needs. The residents of Fulshear TX are our neighbors and friends; we aim to provide a first class service for all of your Fulshear Insurance needs, every time without fail.

We have been extremely successful in lowering insurance costs for our clients by leveraging our knowledge and relationships within the insurance industry. We always aggressively market and negotiate insurance premiums and coverage’s which usually results in an insurance product that is both comprehensive in coverage and competitive in price.

Are we competitive on Insurance prices?

Please take a look at the long list of insurance carriers we represent. Our job is to match the right individual or company with the right insurance coverage and policy for that individuals need at the right price points.

Texas Insurance Agency founders, Jeff and Roland, have a long and successful history in the insurance industry in Fulshear TX.

At Texas Insurance Agency we take the time to understand the operations of our clients and try to put together an insurance program that best suits their needs.

The size of the premium of an account will not matter to us; we treat all our clients with the same respect and attention.

Our success is due to our ability to continually surpass our client’s expectations providing high quality customer service and specialized insurance policy needs.

We are a company of people with a single-minded commitment to Customer Satisfaction and it shows with repeat and loyal clientele. It is this attitude that makes IAT stand out as a leader within the Fulshear insurance community. And it is this attitude that can be seen in the quality of the services we provide to our customers and the backbone of after sale support we offer.  We build relationships for life by exceeding your expectations.

If you are a commercial, business, personal or organizational client, or provide a personal service, you can benefit from our expertise.  Insurance Agency Texas serves for all your Fulshear Insurance needs, as well as your personal and business insurance needs of individuals, families and businesses.

We currently offer business and personal insurance for Fulshear Texas residents. Including Fulshear Building Insurance, Flood Insurance Fulshear, Flood Insurance Fulshear, Contractors Insurance, Fulshear Flood Insurance, Motorcycle, Business, Fulshear homeowners Insurance, general liability, Fulshear Auto Insurance, Fulshear Texas boat insurance, Fulshear Texas renters insurance, RV and recreational vehicle insurance Fulshear, Umbrella policies Fulshear. Serving Fulshear, Richmond, Rosenberg and the entire state of Texas.

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